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 What A Difference A Frame Makes


With over 20 years experience in the picture framing and fine art industry we are sure we can help with all your framing requirements no matter how big or small.

Over the years we have helped individual customers and organizations with every kind of framing job imaginable and gained a wealth of experience in the process.

We are able to offer you 1000s of frame and mount styles for virtually any item you may want to protect and display for your viewing pleasure, plus specialist invisible and UV protective glass.

Quality and service are paramount to us at Haddon Galleries. As a member of the Fine Art Trade Guild you can be sure we will look after and frame your work to the very highest standards. We have a free design service available from basic framing to conservation and museum work.

When designing a frame there are many factors to take into consideration; at Haddon Galleries we'll take time to consider all the possibilities to design a frame and mount that suits your individual tastes and of course your budget.


Picture Framing bespokePicture Framing bespokePicture Framing bespokePicture Framing bespoke


All enquires welcome


Our workshop is kitted out with the very latest computerized machinery allowing us to offer you a fast efficiant service, high quality framing at competitive prices.


Picture Framing bespoke

Mounted Tiger paw print

Paignton Zoo


We have the very latest in

computerized machines which

allow us to cut any shape and

plot any vector line with pen

and embossing tools.


Great for medals, memorabilia

and many other applications



Framing Information and Advice


Choosing the right frame:

what your money buys.

You may think you want the cheapest frame but remember that low-cost framing can actually damage your picture.  Some art should be protected for future generations.


The Five Levels of Framing:

Museum - The ultimate protection for your artwork

Conservation - Helping preserve your artwork for future generations

Commended - Guarantees a degree of protection, with design playing an important part

Budget - Visually pleasing but offering no long term protection

Minimum - Putting economy first


Caring for your artwork at home:


Avoid Heat

Ideally pictures should not be hung above radiators.  Extreme or rapid changes in temperature can cause paper and wood to dry out and adhesives to fail.

Beware damp

Damp can cause pictures to ripple. If the ripples touch the glass, the picture might stick and be hard to remove. Damp also encourages fungal growth - likely to show as brown stains. Conservation framing can slow these effects, but it is always best to avoid hanging framed pictures in humid conditions. Allow six months before hanging pictures on newly plastered walls

Eye-level display

Remember most pictures are designed to be viewed at eye-level. When hanging a group of pictures of different sizes align the top edges. Groups of pictures need not be hung in symmetrical patterns, but they should follow some sort of overall design. Try arranging them on the floor first

Hang securely

Use two hooks on the wall, each set about a quarter of the way in from either side of the picture. Check that the cord, wire or other hanger you use is designed to support the weight of your artwork. Where safety is critical, in children's bedrooms, for example, ask your framer about security fittings and glazing

A gentle clean

Dust frames or treat with a soft brush, rather than risk applying water or cleaning fluids. Don't use cleaning fluids or water on the varnished surface of oil paintings; again dust carefully. If cleaning fluids have to be used on the glass, apply them to a duster first (rather than spraying the glass directly); take care not to let the fluids touch the frame

Regular checks

If you find any evidence of discoloration, unsightly brown dots, small insects under the glass or that the brown paper tape sealing the back of the frame has come unstuck, return the frame to the framer. Check for corroding picture wire or weak or loosening cord. The varnish on oil paintings will gradually discolour, especially if the picture hangs in smoky or polluted conditions. It should be replaced as it dirties. Oil paintings stretched over wooden bars may sag over time and the bars can make a slight imprint on the front of the canvas. Take the picture to your framer for tightening or re-stretching. The Fine Art Trade Guild recommends inspection every five years

Out of the light

Try not to hang pictures directly opposite large windows as sunlight fades colours and discolours paper. Special UV-coated glass can help to slow this down. The Fine Art Trade Guild has set industry-wide standards for printing and framing materials. Ask us about the ways in which you can preserve your artwork for the long-term

Handle with care

When carrying and transporting a picture, grasp the frame firmly on both sides. If you have to store pictures, make sure they are stacked vertically and the right way up. When stacking pictures, stand them 'glass to glass' so that the hangers do not damage the frames

Ask a professional



 Signed Shirt with photo


We frame all types of

shirts, textiles and


Picture Framing bespoke



Customer Testimonials


We would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all our customers who have taken the time to write these very kind words. Your custom and comments are very much appreciated.



Fiona & Paul Haddon GCF and all the staff


Warwick Higgs ( Professional Artist)

Fiona & Paul are both such nice people and Paul is an amazing framer, equal to only one other in the UK. I am fortunate to be able to use them both!

Theresa Shaw ( Professional Artist)

I would wholeheartedly recommend Haddon picture Framing & Fine Art Printing. Their personal service and attention to detail are second to none.  As an artist requiring exhibition standard picture framing and Fine Art Printing for my limited editions Paul & Fiona never fail to deliver.

Richard Albon Fine Art (Professional Artist)

I have been a customer of Haddon Picture Framing for ten years and can say I have never had or seen a better framing and Fine Art Printing service.  As a commission based artist I recommend their framing service to all my customers. While the painting itself is the essence of what the customer wants the quality and presentation of the work in the right frame is equally important.

Jo From Torbay

Over the years my father and I have purchased some fine art from Haddon Galleries.  The service we have received has always been so friendly, knowledgeable and helpful and that is why we keep returning back to Haddon Galleries.  The choice of art on display is fantastic including some great local professional artist work available. I particularly like the wild life and equine prints especially by David Shepherd.  The artist events that Paul & Fiona have organized  over the years have been extremely professional and great fun.

Richard Thorn (Professional Artist)

I have always found Paul's framing & Fine Art Printing Services to be very professional. If you want top quality and competitive  framing and printing  you need look no further than Haddon Picture Framing & Fine Art Printing.

Pippa Thew (Professional Artist

I have had my work framed and printed by Paul since he first began in the business many years ago and am still here and a happy customer. My work is always framed to the highest standard and what is as important to me is he never misses a deadline even though I can be rather demanding at times! The same applies to his printing services which I have also used since he setup in publishing.

Barretts Chartered Accountants (Newton Abbot)

We were delighted by the quality framing and excellent service we received recently from Haddon Picture Framing they had a great range of competitively priced frames to choose from and were helpful in advising about our particular requirements.  Our framing order was prepared quicker than expected and would have no hesitation in recommending their services to others.

Pip McGarry (Professional Wildlife Artist

Haddon Galleries have been providing me with framing for many years now and I can honestly say that the service is simply the best there is.  Not only does Haddon Picture Framing have the widest range of mouldings, but customers can be guaranteed a friendly welcome and can rely totally on the quality of the work.  I would unhesitatingly recommend their services to everyone.

Turn of the Tide (Teignmouth)

We have been customers of Haddon Picture framing  for many years and have always been able to rely on Paul's quality of work and reliability to get the job done on time. Both their framing and printing services are excellent, Fiona's welcome charm, wit and professionalism is first class and would recommend their services to anyone.

Anne Farrall Doyle (Professional Artist)

Haddon Framing display an exceptional range of quality mouldings expertly framed by Paul. Fiona's time and expertise in helping you choose the frame of your choice has been greatly appreciated. 

Jonathan Truss (Professional Wildlife Artist)

Paul has an uncanny knack for framing, he always seems to get it right.  I've always said to him his framing itself is a work of art.....it's a crying shame he can't sign his work the way we artists do.

Paignton Zoo

A warm welcome awaits you at Haddon Galleries! Always willing to help and share their wealth of knowledge. Our working relationship with Haddon Galleries continues to strengthen year on year - they are a pleasure to work with! Paignton Zoo is very happy to be associated with this enthusiastic and professional local company.

Paul & Sharon Maynard (Kings Lodge Torquay)

I must pour praise on Paul & Fiona of Haddon Galleries Torquay to the services offered to Kings Lodge and us personally. They have offered guidance on picture choice, advice on the all important framing that makes the picture stand out.  We have had many items framed by Paul including oil paintings, prints and photographs to which time was spent deciding the best frame for the picture and it's surroundings.  Their gallery services for framing and various styles of artwork I would recommend to anyone who requires an honest, excellent quality product rounded off with good old fashioned service.

Tony Forrest (Professional Wildlife Artist)

Paul Haddon is always cutting corners - PERFECTLY!  I have had many originals framed by Haddon Framing and what impresses me the most is their attention to detail and most of all, their concern for picture conservation. Many people do framing but Paul frames with the conservation of the painting in mind, particularly pictures on paper which need to be protected against acid, dirt and moisture. Haddon Picture Framing can also source top quality mouldings which is so important. A bad frame can ruin a good painting. The best quality isn't always cheap, but in my experience Haddon Picture Framing are very competitive.

Debra Treliving (Professional Artist & Print Maker)

I always receive a warm welcome from Fiona & Paul at Haddon Picture Galleries. Paul has framed my original prints for many years and I am always pleased to recommend his work.

David Blakeley (Professional Photographer)As a photographer I am aware that taking the picture is only half the process.  It is vital that the image is printed and displayed with as much care and attention as I put into making the picture.  A very big thank you to you both Paul and Fiona for the high quality printing, mounting and framing they provide. In addition they have spent hours with me discussing products and providing valuable tips to assist my business. It is my opinion that their service is unbeatable for both quality and value.
Barrie Threadgold (Professional Artist)Fiona and Paul - Two very nice people with a very professional business.  Paul's attention to detail, patience, interest and understanding for the job is very refreshing and reassuring.  It is a pleasure to do business with them.
Chris Pitman (Artist)Just had a look at your new web site -it's incredibly good! The testimonial page says it all - there's always a genuinely warm welcome and friendly help and advice backed up with industry knowledge, a great deal of skill and modern technology!   regards chrisp.

Picture Framing bespoke