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Tamsin Evans

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About the artist

Tamsin Evans

Torquay born artist Tamsin Evans is entirely self taught. Her dynamic and elaborate process was developed through years of painting and airbrushing motorcycle tanks and fairings.

After countless commissions of portrait and motorbike art, always painting what other people had asked her to create, Tamsin had a thirst to branch out and experiment with her own ideas and combine high-colour abstract metal formations with the intricate beauty of nature.

Each work of art in Tamsins ever-expanding portfolio is entirely unique and cannot be reproduced. Working with both steel and aluminium panels through a process of etching, engraving and grinding, she creates multifaceted layers and textures which allow light and movement to change the way the work is viewed. The finished pieces are lacquered, which not only makes them incredibly durable, but also creates a lustre which makes the image come alive. 


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