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Alberto Martinez

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Alberto Martinez

If Alberto had followed in the footsteps of his dad...a tractor driver is exactly what he would have been! He was born in 1977 in a very small Cuban village, surrounded by sugar cane plantations. His first foray into any art related activity was to draw the steam engines pulling trucks laden with cane, which ran 50 metres from his house. 

A combination of good luck, sound preparation and the help of friends and relatives (who saw his artistic potential) led Alberto to obtain a place at the Fine Arts Academy ‘Oscar Fernandez Morera’ in the beautiful city of Trinidad. He was initially to study sculpture, but switched to painting when he started experimenting with oil on canvas. Following graduation, Alberto had a number of exhibitions of his work in Cuba before he moved in 2005 to Brighton, England, where he continues to live and work.

Distinctive features of his recent works include the use of colour (warm, often almost tropical), painstaking detail, wit, humour, and a variety of intriguing elements that intertwine to challenge our conventional views of the world.


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