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Alex Ross

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About the artist

Alex Ross

Alex Ross is widely considered to be one of the most pre-eminent and well-respected comic book artists in the history of the field. Encouraged by his artist mother, Ross pursued his passion for drawing and quickly fell in love with the notion of superheroes - colourful dynamic characters performing fantastic and heroic deeds for the greater good.

His time at the American Academy of Art revealed to Ross his unique ability to draw photo-realistically, by eye - something his comic book art is now synonymous with. Working almost exclusively in watercolour gouache, Ross strives to make his work "fully believable". Praised for his life-like human depictions, his rendering style, his attention to detail and composition, Ross is often referred to as the "Norman Rockwell of comics" - bringing the characters he draws to life, and imbuing them with a new energy and spirit.


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