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Ben Waddams

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About the artist

Ben Waddams

Ben Waddams is a British wildlife artist living and working in Shropshire. Originally from Buckinghamshire, Ben has lived in the States for many years on several different occasions and travelled in search of exotic wildlife across Central America and Africa. 

"I have been lucky enough to have lived and travelled through some truly mesmerising areas of the world and this is where I take my inspiration from.

Some people may make the point that filming, painting and writing about animals, is not active conservation. Correct, it's not, until the awareness and money made can be injected into projects. BUT there has to be that awareness in the first place. There needs to be that appreciation of wildlife, gained through the descriptions of the place or the portrait of the animal, for people to then dip into their pay-packets and change their lifestyles with the aim to conserve the species on this planet....which I think we all have a moral duty to do.

This is why I paint, write and photograph...”


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