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Ian Nathan

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Ian Nathan

Ian Nathan was born in 1954 and spent his formative years in the beautiful town of Teignmouth Devon. He showed an ability to paint and draw from an early age, but other hobbies like boxing and dancing took over for several years. In 1969 he joined the Royal Ballet in London, where he coached for four years. He had experience of dance at Covent Garden and a close look at one of the most famous dance partnerships of all time, Fonteyn and Nureyev.

Realizing that the ballet world was not for him, he returned to Teignmouth and began working as a pawn in the dock. Several more jobs, including boat building and work on the roads. Then began a course in graphic design, but left after two years to pursue a full-time painting career.

He has since moved to become one of the best artists in the country, painting not only wildlife but also recording the lives of local fishermen, as they spend their days sorting mussels and oysters on the beach, a stone's throw from his study.


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