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Jeff Rowland

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About the artist

Jeff Rowland

Jeff Rowland became self employed as a professional artist in 1984 after studying at North Tyneside College. His main medium was oil, but experimented with printing, glass engraving and painting. His fascination with oil began when he was a child, watching his grandmother using oil in a paint by numbers.

Rowland likes for his viewers to see what they wish in his paintings, reading what they will into it, he believes that the viewer always has the answer. Part of Rowland’s working process is to experience what he is about to paint, as he did when he did his series of Trawler men a while ago, venturing out into the North Sea with the men, sketching them as they worked. Some may think he is mad, but he loved it and now uses the same approach to his rain pictures.

Jeff Rowland currently lives on the North East coast of England. When he starts to paint he is completely engrossed in it, he describes it as like reading a good book, becoming lost in the story, forgetting where you really are.


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