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Art of a Fine Nature

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About the artist

Art of a Fine Nature

Art of a Fine Nature is a Somerset based bronze foundry set up by Michael Storey in 1981. For many years Michael had success with his beautiful representations of hares, seahorses, herons as well as many other animals that fired his artistic passions. However, always keen to start new projects, Michael sold the foundry to his long term foundry manager Shane Whitehead in order to pursue an even more rural life in Wales.

Under Shane’s direction the foundry has continued to flourish and now produces the work of other artists making naturalistic interpretations of British wildlife.

Bronze casting is an incredibly technical and physical process; each of the pieces are carefully hand finished and given personalized touches as they come out of the hot kilns. Sue Norton, Michelle Hall, Shane and Rebecca Whitehead are the mainstays of the foundry alongside best selling west-country artist Suzie Marsh. 


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