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Mike Simpson Sculpture

About the artist

Mike Simpson Sculpture

Michael Simpson is world renowned for the versatility and technical excellence of his bronze sculptures. A lifelong fascination with animal behaviour has combined with his outstanding artistic talent to produce tactile pieces that capture the charm and energy of domestic animals, birds and wildlife. 

Although Michael studied fine art at Staffordshire, it was the traditions of his home town of Stoke on-Trent which inspired his love for sculpture. The famous towns forming the ‘Potteries’ have originated some of the world’s finest work, and the art of the sculptor is held in high esteem here, so his childhood was steeped in three dimensional art. 

Michael works from direct observation and from his own sketches and photographs, and the walls of his studio are covered with reference material. He prefers to work his initial sculpting in wax or occasionally clay uses clay depending on the subject and size before the bronze casting.



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