Bowie (Original Variation II)


This Original Variation has sold but please call 01803 213000 to talk about a similar variation

Rob Bishop


Original Variation

Etched into Maple Wood

Image size: 580mm x 860mm

Outer frame size: 720mm x 1000mm

Framed in a hand made, custom designed frame by Rob Bishop

“I manipulate an image digitally; which is up loaded to a laser machine and etched onto wood. I go to work on the piece with different colours, stains and layers of lacquer to create the image I have in my mind. When satisfied with the image, a final layer of lacquer is applied followed by a hand polished finish . Each piece is signed and marked with my thumb print. No two pieces can ever be the same and therefore every piece is unique.”

If you cannot see an image you want, why not email us and talk about a commission.

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Weight12 kg


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